Bob’s website used to have drawings and a map showing the exact location of S-4 , along with Bob’s drawings of the hanger doors in the side of the mountain:

Bob Lazar claims “The S-4 Facility is just off the dry lake bed” & The hangar doors had a sand coating..

“An Installation that was butt-up against a mountain”

Pilot Gabe Zeifman recently published high def images of Papoose Dry Lake and the exact location of the alleged S-4:

Click to Enlarge Images, and see that these are photographs from the north and south of the exact location where Bob Claimed the underground hangers were.

S-4 Fact or Fiction?

One of the biggest pieces of Bob Lazar’s story that completely falls apart is his claims about the secret facility built into the side of a mountain at Papoose Dry Lake.

Rest assured that 30 years of intense research has gone into trying to find evidence or get information on this alleged base, and 30 years later we’ve turned up nothing!

Well, actually we’ve turned up a lot more than nothing… We’ve actually turned up a lot of evidence that nothing is, or was ever out at Papoose Dry Lake! Another Key piece of Bob’s story is a complete and total fabrication. If Bob was really brought to some secret facility somewhere… It wasn’t Papoose Dry Lake!

Map of the Nevada Test site showing Area 51 at the upper right. Site 4 or “S4” is actually off the chart and to the upper left at the Tonopah Test Range (TTR) indicated by the arrow. Area 4 is located within the immediate vicinity of Yucca Flats (Atomic testing area), and at least six miles west of Lazar’s “S4”. Note the perimeter of Dreamland airspace which cuts Papoose Lake in half. If a saucer somehow accidentally wandered away heading south during a test flight, it would no longer be within the jurisdiction of Area 51 restricted airspace.

Site 4 is actually a radar installation located in Tonopah NV, (70 miles northwest of Area 51), and NOT south of Groom Lake as Lazar claims. Maps of the Nevada Test Site clearly indicate that there is an “Area 4” but it is located at least 6 miles west of Papoose Lake (which is located off the chart and to the right). How do you explain this discrepancy? (see above map). Also note each of the tiny dots on this chart which indicate the location of an atomic test. Obviously, Area 4, Area 2, Area 7, and Area 9 would be highly contaminated with radiation (hardly the place for a secret saucer base)

Bob Lazar claimed that he worked between December 1988 and April 1989 in at the zone S-4

The Jerry Freeman Story

The Jerry Freeman story completely challanges the narrative put forth by Bob Lazar about a Top Secret Base on Papoose Lake called “S-4”. For if Bob’s story were true, then Jerry Freeman would most certainly have been apprehended for coming so close to the base.

To date, no credible evidence has ever been put forth to prove a facility ever existed at Papoose Lake, where Lazar claimed this top secret Government owned UFO hanger was…

S-4 Completely Debunked using the best, most legit resources: – – Another link to the best of the best information on Area 51 from the best researcher on the subject bar none: Peter Merlin.

Even George Knapp was forced to confront the Jerry Friedman evidence:

Jerry Freeman testified that he saw lights or “doors opening” in the “center” of the dry lake bed.

It would seem that the evidence for a facility at Papoose Lake  Lazar’s descriptions of “hangar doors in the mountainside”

Though the lakebed dries out for most of the year, during periods of extended rainfall the lakebeds actually begin to take on water…

Does it look to you like there could be doors and an underground base beneath the lake bed?

How much sense does this make from an engineering and OP-SEC Perspective?

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